Charlotte's Web Antiques


• Booth #62
• Owner is Charlotte Sharp
• Selling Vintage and Antiques since 1981
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Booth Description:
Primitive and shabby furniture and accessories, decor pieces, rustic goodness

How did you get into the business?:
I think I'm an old soul, having always loved going to auctions, flea markets, and other sales searching out pieces with some history to them. I love learning about how these old treasures were used. It seemed a natural progression to start sharing these bits of history with others.

What is your best picking story?:
My first time visiting the gigantic antique sales at Brimfield, Massachusetts, I was overwhelmed at the crowds, and the size of it all. I found myself waiting for a field to open, and when finally the gates parted, the crowd started running for their favorite booths. I was running too, until I stepped to the side, laughing to myself, for I had no idea what was ahead of me or where I was going! After the initial sticker shock of prices, I readjusted my thinking and came home after several days of shopping with 1/4 of a semi-truck full of goodies.

What are you always looking for?:
A wonderful old primitive cupboard with original paint.