Indigo Market Co.


• Booth #48
• Owner is Ursula Crowell
• Selling antiques and vintage since early 2016

Booth Description:
Farmhouse meets Rustic meets Industrial meets Jesus, ha!

What has been your best find?:
Hands down best find was a $5 '50's farmhouse chair.  I cleaned it, changed out the upholstery seat for a cool oilcloth, took it in the shop and it sold right away.  That piece ranks as my favorite because it was a really pretty custom upcycle that made someone else happy.

What's your best picking story?:
One afternoon while waiting for my big kids to finish violin lessons, I stumbled upon a huge sale at the home of a very cool metal artist.  His pieces were all in great condition and incredibly interesting.  He had used them, taking a rod here, a metal flower there to create the sculptures adorning his front yard and for his business.  He was very kind, helped us carry our things to the van and gave away some of his sweet old matchbox cars to my littles.