Shop Around The Corner

• Booth #19
• Owner is Judy Hoy
• Selling antiques and vintage since early 2008

Booth Description:
Cozy shop full of a variety of collectibles and some antiques...and just that special something that you have been looking for.

How'd you get into the business?:
I have always loved garage saling, and the treasure hunt aspect of it, but the artist in me loves the artistry of old Fenton glass, Limoges lovely dishes, pretty teapots, etc. It just naturally led me to becoming a seller.

What's has been your best find?:
Two years ago I found a milano red and gold glass decanter set, mint condition, put it on eBay, and a very happy lady bought it because her parents had a set just like it but broke it falling from a shelf. Making her so happy brings out the passion in me to help other people find their treasures too.