The Time is Now


• Booth #17
• Owner is Jennifer Bernard
• Selling antiques and vintage since 2016

Booth Description:
Something for everyone and a purpose for everything!

How'd you get into the business?:
I got into dealing collectibles the same way most do, realizing that I had to let go of some so that I can keep collecting and picking. Picking is the best part about being a dealer!

What's has been your best find?:
I get excited over the silly things, not the $.50 find that ends up being worth $50. What gets me going is finding something from my childhood that I haven't seen anywhere because everyone has thrown it away. It's that feeling of ultimate nostalgia!

What do you collect?:
I like to look for things that I would enjoy in my home or in my life. I also watch decorating trends and search for all the items that work to create that look.