Vintage Bombshell


• Booth #4
• Owner is Selena Faith
• Selling antiques and vintage since 2006
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Booth Description:
Vintage Bombshell is full of all things girly and over the top. I want my bombshells to have fun when they visit my space and find something lovely that reflects their unique style.  Whether it's a vintage 1950's party dress, a drippy chandelier or an ornate piece of vintage jewelry. Items with interesting detail and a touch of romantism is my difinitive style.

How'd you get into the business?:
Starting out in my first home, I couldn't afford to purchase brand new furniture pieces so I began hunting auctions for cool pieces that needed a little TLC. I turned my garage at the time into a mini workshop so I could take my time refinishing and restoring these vintage finds. Sanding, staining, and stripping away 17 layers of paint. My personal hobby eventually lead to restoring antiques for private clients.

What's has been your best find?:
My best thrifty find was five years ago at a local thrift shop. I spotted an Hermes silk scarf for $2.99. These babies retail for $500-600. It was the find of a lifetime. Then I found one last week..... I don't know why, but the universe just sends me these things and I accept.

What are you always looking for?:
1950's and early 1960s dresses. Those eras really do it for me.