Coffee and Snacks


• Booth #42
• Owner is Travis Johansen
• Selling antiques and vintage since 2014

Booth Description:
Creative lighting art

How'd you get into the business?:
After a dozen years in finance, a business acquaintance who sells vintage furniture and lighting told me he was looking for someone to manage his 2nd store. Ready for a change I left my cube and took the leap.

What's has been your best find?:
My wife.

Tell us a great picking story.:
I once stopped in to a vintage shop off of the interstate that was going out of business. While shopping, the owner told me that she had a basement full of great stuff and that it was too bad that I couldn’t go down there. I asked if I could go down there and after carful and long consideration she said yes.

At the top of the narrow dark staircase she said… “If you fall or are hurt down there, I will call the police.” “When they get here… you will have a gun in your hand, and you were robbing me.”

I accepted her terms and bought loads of good stuff.